Friday, April 18, 2014

Pi Day 2014

I've always wanted to celebrate Pi day, my husband is a mathematician after all, but I always forget about it until the day of. And this time I forgot again, but I made pot pie anyway, and Dustin ran to the store and bought a chocolate pie for dessert. Before we ate I snapped this picture of my beautiful girls. I just love them so much, and I'm so glad they are my girls.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

May 2013: skinned knees, legos, chicken pot pie, Mother's Day, beach time, and a lighthouse

May 7th: With the warm weather on the rise, Aurora seemed to take daily falls as she ran or hopped on our daily walks. This particular morning we were on our way home from taking Sisters to school and she was running and fell down. She didn't cry much, but just wanted to get down and run some more. She doesn't run very fast, but she just isn't very steady when running. When we got home she wanted bandaids put on her "owies," and she is so funny as she makes wincing sounds until I put the bandaid over her injury. Then she lets out a big sigh of relief like I made everything better. Its a good thing I stocked up on bandaids for the summer!

Skinned knees are just a sign of summer approaching. Minutes after I put on the bandaids she peeled them off. She doesn't really like having them on, but I guess feels its part of the process of fixing her injuries.
May 11th: Saturday morning lego time. The girls played legos for hours this Saturday. Its always so nice when they play so well together.
I found Aurora in the playroom on her computer with Zhu Zhu snuggled up beside her. I snuck this picture of them. I definitely think these two will have a special bond throughout life.

Oops! Interrupting a conference call. Still with a hand on her puppy. So cute.

I made chicken pot pie for dinner. Its SO yummy. Its one of my favorite comfort foods. Just had to share.

Somebody got sleepy. Aurora is very difficult to put down for a nap. I just have found it less stressful to skip her nap altogether. She rarely falls asleep like this, but when she does, its not much of a problem. Sometimes bedtime is extended, but not by too much. This girl just loves to be awake and a part of all the action. 

Mother's Day (one day late) photo shoot. I should have done it with my nice camera, but alas, I did not. I sure love my girlies and I sure love being their momma. Each of them bring me so much crazy and frustration, love and joy. But mostly love and joy. I am blessed to be a mom, and to be their mom.

Can't forget about this crazy puppy. I love how she is perfectly still except her tail. Love happy puppies! Oh, and Dustin spoiled me with an iphone for my special day. We were due for an upgrade so we got the iphone4, and its been fun and useful having a smart phone for the first time ever. Aurora also drowned my ipod touch in Zhu Zhu's water dish in April, so it was also practical. I love having easy access to a camera and a phone.

May 15th: Aurora and I went to a play group at the playground, but all she wanted to do was go to the beach. So we left the play group early and I took her to play in the sand. She was so happy.  When we are going to the beach she loves to sing this song from the show Phineas and Ferb. I don't know what its called, but she just sings, "Backyard beach, backyard beach, backyard beach..." over and over. Its super cute. Since Lake Michigan is almost in our backyard, its quite appropriate. :)
May 15th: Adelynne was assigned to do a report in her class about a place to visit in our city. Her class had spent time learning about the history of where we live. Adelynne chose to do her report on Grosse Pointe Lighthouse, the first lighthouse built on Lake Michigan to guide boats into the city of Chicago. It was built in 1873. Adelynne had to give a few reasons why the lighthouse is a great place to visit, so we took some pictures of the best reasons to visit the lighthouse for the poster that she made.
This building stands adjacent to the lighthouse and I imagine was once used as the grounds keeper's home, but it is now home to the local art museum.

The beach below the lighthouse:

The beautiful grounds surrounding the lighthouse:
And the fun playground next to the lighthouse:

The cutest wildlife you could ever find, but only present when touring with the Belt Family:

We got so close to her we could reach out and touch her. Oh, the cuteness!

Adelynne's motorcycle ride:

Amy's magic show:

The End

Monday, July 1, 2013

April 2013: Loose tooth, lost tooth, mud puddles, and birthday celebrations

April 1st: Its a grainy shot from my ipod touch, but this is what Amy did when we discovered she had a loose tooth! I love her little sign, and she wrote other notes of the same subject too.
April 4th: Amy and Aurora played dress up. Aurora loves to jazz up her outfits, Amy just wants to look gorgeous. Love my little fairies!
April 16th: Amy lost her first tooth!! She struggled with getting it out because it did hurt her. She cried, "I hate having a loose tooth! It hurts!" But she persevered and let her daddy pull it out.

You can see that her big tooth was already in, so that baby tooth needed to get out. The same thing happened with the tooth next to it. The adult tooth was already out, but she didn't lose the second tooth until June 10th.
April 18th: It was a muddy day and Amy wanted to go play in the muddy yard. I was totally all for it as long as she wore her rain boots, which she did. I was preparing dinner and about 20 minutes had passed since Amy had gone outside, so I went out the kitchen door and looked out the back window and there was Amy Girl, stuck in the mud, and very distressed. Bahahahaha! That's exactly what I did, I laughed and waved to her. Then I told Dustin to go and get her while I snapped some pictures.
Daddy's coming to my rescue! Yay!
Dustin trying to avoid the mud:
One, two, three: PULL!
Oops! Lost a boot!
Hurray for Daddy the Hero! And what do you think Amy did next? She stayed outside and played in the mud some more. Silly girl. But she didn't get stuck again. When she came inside I asked her about being stuck and she said in a very concerned voice, "I thought I was going to be stuck out there all night!" When I told her she could have just gotten out of her boots, she cocked her head and said, "Oh yeah!"
April 21st: I needed some pictures of Amy for her upcoming birthday party so here's a few that I snapped: It was sunny.

Oh, and I had to snap a few of Aurora too. Just couldn't help myself.

April 22nd: Amy's 6th Birthday!! She had a little school celebration with her class. I got to go in and take a treat and read Amy and her class a book of Amy's choice. Amy chose chocolate cupcakes and a book that her Grandma Belt gave her called Old Bear. I loved reading the book to her class. All of the kids were so enthralled with the story. They all hung on every word and would get so anxious when the story was getting intense. It was fun to captivate 24 children with a story. The experience made me reminisce to the times when I was a girl and I would sit all my dolls and stuffed animals around me and I would read them a story like I was their teacher. It was SO fun, seriously!

So we get out to the school playground after the bell rings, and Amy says, "Mom, I want to show you something." I follow her over to the monkey bars and she just whips herself across them like she's been doing them all her life. BAM! Geez girl! When did you get so big?! When Amy wants to do something, and FINALLY makes up her mind to do it, she just does it! She's got to do it on her time table, but when she's ready, she's ready. SO different from Adelynne. Remember when Adelynne took months of practice her kindergarten year on the monkey bars to get across them? It just makes me laugh to compare the two girls and how each of them accomplished this task in their own lives. So amazing. And comical. I love being their mom!

Look at that smile:

That's right, I just did the monkey bars Mom. Boom. Check. What's next?
Big Sis had to show off her skills too. I'm still impressed that my girls can do them. (I never could). Plus its impressive because my girls are no feathers. Most kids just whip across the bars because they are so light. My girls are solid, and Amy is so long. They both, but especially Adelynne, had to learn to swing in a rhythm to do them right. Look at her concentration:

Ha! This is what Aurora does now when I want to take her picture. She is holding up her "camera" to take a picture. Funny baby.
Aurora LOVES the girls' school playground. She loves to pick them up from school because that means she can play on the playground. She holds her own out there with all the crazy post school kiddos running around.
Opening presents:

Its a Tinkerbell musical jewlry box with a key. Amy fawned over it at the store a couple weeks prior to her birthday, and Dustin insisted on Amy having it for her birthday. I wasn't going to get it for her, but I'm so glad I did because Amy really loves it.
Addy thoughtfully passed along a book that Gramma Biggs gave to her called "Stories for Six Year Olds." Amy was thrilled.... as you can see.
Aw, sister hugs!
This is how Aurora felt about Amy getting ALL of the presents. She really thought she should get a present too.
Sweet big sister Amy let Aurora help.

New berets!
Amy got to have a friend birthday party this year. Her party was a "Flower Party." Every time I asked Amy what kind of party she wanted, she would say, "I want a Flower Party." Okay then. I really didn't know where to go with that, but I think I came up with some very cute and fun ideas. This was the table center piece:
Amy had 11 girls at her party. Uh, crazy! But she had a great time. We served flower shaped sandwiches, a fresh fruit salad of watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, and kiwi. The colors of her party were yellow, pink, green, and orange. So the fruit salad went along with the color theme.

We had several craft activities including sticker art and decorate your own mini flower pot. The girls whipped through those crafts like they were nothing. After lunch we played this game of pin the flower on the stem, it was mostly a hit with all the girls.
More decor:
The banner that I made. I printed out letters and cut them out, then traced them onto card stock and cut them out again. Then I sewed the triangles onto the white straps. I made those flowers too. I really enjoyed crafting for the party, I'm not usually a crafter, but every now and then I just get in a groove.

The party was so crazy with 11 girls that I never had a chance to get a picture with Amy and her friends. I took the pictures of the decorations TWO days after the party. It was fun, but a lot of work.... but worth it for my Amy Girl.